“Before working with Marilyn, I hit an emotional rock bottom that has lasted years and could not conceive of a world where I was happy, secure, and in love. My experiences working with Marilyn were extremely positive. She is such an excellent, in the moment, empathetic listener. She always explored new perspectives I had never considered which opened my eyes to new possibilities.
I always looked forward to our sessions.

The coaching with Marilyn, I have gained confidence, strength, re-framing strategies, insight, and hope along with creating
a regular routine of going to the gym and meditating.

I highly recommend Marilyn as a coach who is an incredible listener and intuitive guide. She truly wants to know your complete perspective, and bases her guidance intelligently upon that understanding.”

Peter K.
Actor | Illinois

”When I first began working with Marilyn, I was going through a very interesting, rather difficult transitional period.  There were a lot of mid-life shifts occurring for me, and I wanted a sounding board and guide to facilitate my passage through the rocky waters. I had a strong desire to work with an individual that would carefully listen and help me to uncover what was already within but was obscured by stress and a lot of painful shifts. 

I wanted to find my “rudder” in a time of huge change. 

My experiences with Marilyn were very fluid and organic. Every moment in every day is different, particularly when one is going through very big life shifts, and my coaching sessions offered me a safe, spacious environment to work through my thoughts/feelings. Marilyn is an exceptional listener. From working with Marilyn, I fully understood the beauty and power that can come from a very fine coaching relationship.

My sessions with Marilyn were frankly part of my healing process and part of my rediscovery of who I am and what I want now. Through working with her, I was able to gradually uncover, create and step into my next steps in my life. 

I would enthusiastically recommend Marilyn as a life coach. She is a kind, thoughtful human being that listens exceptionally well. She gently offered me powerful insights as I traveled along my journey. She asked provocative questions that enticed me to think and consider. It was my work to do, but Marilyn was there with me, consistently, gently creating the environment I needed to find the clarity I was seeking.

Working with Marilyn offered me the grace of a safe space for me to uncover what was blocking me, question my limiting beliefs, and rediscover what was authentic and true for me at this rich stage of my life. Marilyn is a very talented life coach!!!”

Jennifer Turner
Life Coach | Maryland


"Before working with Marilyn, I was struggling as a first-time coach but also with severe anxiety about my current situation evolved around my personal relationship. I was looking to work with a coach to help me with my coaching business but also help me overcome mental blocks I felt were holding me back from moving forward. Overall, every session was an eye opener for me. I learned so much about myself just by having Marilyn bring awareness of my belief patterns which helped me understand my current situation and gain clarity which resulted in making empowering decisions that better served me. 

I gained a deeper knowing of self and the awareness to make changes in my life. I completely grasped the concept that I can live my life authentically, doing what makes ME happy but not because of others or as an obligation. I gained back my sense of freedom and values that I now live strongly by.   

Once I started step into my true power, I had a better understanding of what I needed to do in my business.  Marilyn was with me every step f the way, helping me create my own unique coaching package, 

I would definitely highly recommend others to work with Marilyn, she has a gift to help other see their true potential, so they can live and manifest the life they desire. Being 23, I needed the support from someone that not only cared about me but also was able to help me step into my own power as a growing woman.  I am so grateful for Marilyn’s guidance at this time in my life and will always remember the impact it has and continues make in my life. Thank you, Marilyn, for the changes you helped me make in bringing the awareness I needed to move forward. I feel like a new person and am so happy I made this step and had you as my coach!"

Caitlin Barry
Holistic Coach | Massachusetts

 "Marilyn Rose's excellent reputation precedes her. A customer support manager from Noomii, the world's largest coaching directory, said Marilyn was her favorite coach.

I quickly understood why.  One of Marilyn's first messages to me was, "Doing is work. Being is effortless." It resonated in the core of my being. She felt like family. In a sense, I felt I had known her all my life. 

Throughout our sessions, Marilyn taught me about Energy Leadership, asked penetrating questions that led to discovering new perspectives, changed certain thought and behavior patterns, encouraged me to believe in my gifts and talents, and challenged me to stand in my truth with love and fearlessness. She also offered unlimited support via e-mail, text, and phone calls. 

Before Marilyn, I thought I would simply get another job to make more income. After Marilyn, I now have a business plan and am in the process of launching my first company. 

Before Marilyn, I was letting life happen to me and selling myself short in some areas. After Marilyn, I am at the cause of things more so than the effect. I honor myself and my values.

Before Marilyn, I often stepped back, stayed quiet, and played the family role of peacemaker. After Marilyn, I now show up and share my truth, feelings, and opinions, even if it means shaking things up, because it is my privilege, right, and duty to be me. 

Before Marilyn, I maintained an "all or nothing" mindset.  I often did not step out on faith for my dreams because I didn't want to be wrong. I wanted to make sure my idea would work before I tried it. After Marilyn, I now realize that I can trust the process, take more risks, and live in an abundance mindset rather than a scarcity one. If something doesn't work out, I can simply try something else. 

We all need a Marilyn Rose in our lives, someone who will come alongside us to reveal the beauty, clarity, power and treasure within us. If you want to stand in your power, be aligned with God and yourself, and lead a life by design rather than a life by default, I dare you to coach with Marilyn Rose!"  

Trecie Williams
Vision Board Creator + Coach
EnVISION That! |

"Through taking the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, I have gained a greater sense of awareness of where my energy levels reside and how to positively impact negative situations which before would have kept me at lower levels of energy for an elongated amount of time, whereas now I am aware of my state of being and able to bounce back quickly. The assessment has also shifted my perspective of the lower energy levels and has enabled me shift my perspective to be more effective and comfortable with facing conflict that arise.

Marilyn was highly effective when debriefing my ELI-Assessment, taking special care to make sure I fully understood each level and the impact they have on various life situations. She was extremely knowledgeable and clear in her explanations, while consistently connecting with powerful questions that helped me gain tremendous understanding and clarity.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Marilyn and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment to everyone! When we are tooled with the awareness of how our energy levels work, we are better able to understand and respond most effectively in both our work and homes lives. The awareness created by completing the ELI-Assessment has been Life Changing!”

Amy Bastow
Customer Support Manager/
Corporate Coaching Account Manager,
Coach Matching Expert
Noomii | Canada

"Working with Marilyn helped me gain awareness of some areas of my life that were being limited by own behavior and mindset. I honestly can’t measure the benefits that my coaching relationship with Marilyn has brought me. Whether it was helping me gain awareness of some of my personal biased limitations or more mundane activities, such as my work schedule, Marilyn has been competent and fun assisting the creation of solutions for my life, both professional and personal. Undoubtedly, coaching is an effective tool if you aim for personal leadership and success.

If you are ready, and want a professional coach who is kind, caring and who gets the job done, contact Marilyn.”

Sandra Bissell  
Cross-Cultural Trainer + Coach | France

"Marilyn is one of the most phenomenal coaches I have ever worked with. I have done a lot of work on myself - many seminars, silent meditations, classes etc. When I started working with her, I was in a good place however I was a new coach with a lot of fear and little confidence on how to transition into this new field.

I am always surprised how quickly Marilyn can get to the root of things and bring out what is really happening. She is an incredible listener and extremely insightful. Her insights and powerful coaching have taken me to places I haven't been before and bring out a new way of looking at things. She holds me accountable and challenges me in ways I wouldn't have thought possible before working with her. Through the use of skills and strategies she has helped me empower myself but also provides an inspiring example of how I want to be as a coach.

In coaching with her I have gone from a being a new coach with little confidence to feeling like a powerful coach with over 20 clients. Whether you want to boost your confidence, need help with your own clients, want to become a more powerful coach yourself or completely change and empower yourself in your own life, Marilyn is a person that can and will take you there and help you create what you really want.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found someone who can not only help me with all of these things but also keeps it fun and exciting! Working with her has been a transformational experience. I hands down, no questions asked, would recommend her to anyone wanting to feel more confident and live a more fulfilling life!"

Asha Mevlana
Musician + Coach | New York, NY

“Thank you for supporting and believing in my potential, even when I didn’t believe it myself.  I am a believer now and am enjoying the educational path that will lead me to working in a field I am so passionate about.” 

Jesse R.
College Student | New Jersey  

"Marilyn is the most gifted coach I have ever worked with.  Her ability to connect with people is truly a natural gift that helped me to tackle deep seeded issues. Without judgement, she empowers me to identify my own obstacles that came from messages from my past that limited my own growth and happiness.  I have such a sense of joy and relief as I am beginning to accomplish personal goals that I have struggled with all of my life.  

I will continue with Marilyn as she is an asset to me and brings such joy to the entire process.  I am experiencing life altering, pure & powerful growth that is evident in all aspects of my life.  Thank you Marilyn!"

Beth Cochierre
Artist | New Jersey

"As a training developer and consultant, I had the pleasure of including Marilyn in the design and delivery of therapeutic seminars.  On numerous occasions we co-facilitated workshops and conferences in New Jersey and New York.  Facilitating

The reviews, feedback, and reaction from the audiences were always overwhelmingly positive.  The participants highlighted Marilyn's ability to connect with them through her high energy and interactive nature.  Facilitating these events was always rewarding for me as well, because I could witness personally the high level of energy and care that Marilyn always demonstrated for both the subject matter and the workshop participants.  Workshop designs always included a creative approach to learning utilizing best practice principles.

Audience engagement was enhanced through the use of visual effects, interactive activities, music and creative approaches to learning. Parent and Life Coaching has now become a strong passion in the career of Ms. Rose.

Given her past history of management, leadership and teaching accomplishments, it is assured that recipients of her coaching sessions and workshops will certainly discover life changing benefits."  

Creighton Drury
Creighton Drury Consulting | Delaware

"I am the mother of 9 children ages 8-31.  As a client of Marilyn Rose's,  I have truly learned to "parent with peace!"  Through her empowering questions and compassionate encouragement, I am developing the skills to look deep into the hearts of my family members and myself.   Partnering with Marilyn, I have uncovered answers that resonate with my values and priorities; answers that have ushered a spirit of calm, love, joy, and fun into my home."

Lorri Bond
Education Coach | New Jersey
Your Child is Teachable!

"Coaching with Marilyn has helped me to gain more confidence.  She has helped me to utilize techniques and strategies that have directly impacted me. I had an overwhelming work situation that had been ongoing and creating a lot of stress in my life. By facing my fears, and changing my thoughts I became successful each week when following through with my goals and began to address the things that I buried for so long.

My work situation continues to improve as I continue believe in myself!"

Joyce Simonian
Nurse | New Jersey/Armenia 

"I have been truly blessed to have Marilyn coach me. I was not sure what to expect working with a Life Coach, but I did not predict the true caring, loving support and sincere desire to help me reach my desired dreams.  She took the time to know me and met me exactly at the space I was in believing in me at all times.  I began to feel my energy shift to a hopeful place while working with Marilyn right from the start. 

She will go above and beyond until you see the unlimited potential she sees in you.  Thank you so much Coach!"

Lauren Stassil
Radiologic Technologist | New Jersey

“I approached Marilyn for help in developing strategies in getting me on track with my certification process in coaching. Her unique wisdom, keen listening skills, humility, and genuine desire to help made it a joy to work with her.  The use of the Energy Leadership Assessment jump started the process as it shed light on my engaged energy it all areas of life. I was amazed at it’s accuracy and thankful it gave me insight and strategies to shift thoughts and behaviors that were obstacles to reaching optimal fulfillment and success.

Marilyn also motivated me to action, and held me accountable in a way that was productive for me and that I was comfortable with.  She also introduced me to tools I can use to stay on track.  

Her help was instrumental in my success, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking a Life + Leadership Coach.”

Katie Richards
Banking + Life Coach | New Jersey

"Marilyn is truly nothing short of amazing! I was immediately impressed with her skills, talents and professionalism, and I am grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. She is an authentic and intuitive coach, and has a natural ability to connect with people because of her calm and caring way.

If you want a transition or leadership coach who will make you smile, while making you think, and help you shed what you no longer need to make room for the lasting changes you deserve, then I recommend Marilyn for the job!"

Monica Thatcher
Small Business Coach
Thatcher Craig Coaching, LLC |
New Jersey


"Working with Marilyn has literally changed my life. I am finally living a life I can be proud of, because I have learned to live as myself instead of what I thought others expected me to be. Her support, skill, personality, and belief in me helped start the process of getting acquainted to my truest self who'd I'd lost tough with. I have begun to write again, and move to another country and couldn't be happier!

I recommend Marilyn to anyone who wants to move forward and live out their dreams!

Thanks for everything"

Carissa B.
Writer | Belgium

“Working with Marilyn Rose has been a transformative experience.  Marilyn’s practical, insightful, light hearted style allows one to create very significant change without judgment while receiving total support.  Marilyn works from a deep place of wisdom and experience.

She is inspiring, organized and keeps the client forward moving in an effortless way.  Thank you Marilyn for sharing your gifts with me and my family at such an impressionable time.” 

Dana G.
L.C.S.W + Parent | New Jersey

"I met Marilyn Rose 7 months ago. She is an amazing woman. Her dedication to her clients and the coaches she helps train, is nothing short of incredible. The care and warmth she exudes, shines through in everything that she does. Every word or piece of insight she shares, comes from a thoughtful and curious place, designed to empower and shift her clients into a new state.

She has helped change my life and I highly recommend her to be your coach, on her ability...but more importantly on the strength of her character. Thank you Marilyn!"

Dylan Dippman
Website Developer + Coach | New Jersey

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