Meet Marilyn Rose


Marilyn Rose is over-the-top passionate about helping others live their lives in alignment with who they truly are, love and want.

A coaching session with Marilyn is like speaking with an old friend who has a unique window into your soul. 

You’ll find yourself wanting to be around her incredible energy as she intuitively connects to the depth of your core.

Marilyn will get to bottom of your fears and limitations that are holding you back from experiencing immense joy and unlimited possibilities and help your soul shine!

Through coaching, Marilyn is able to help her clients go from seeing only one path to seeing an entire new world of possibilities and opportunities. It’s almost like seeing the world with a new pair of lenses – ones you never want to take off again.

What sets Marilyn apart is her ability to listen deeply -- not only to your words, but what is really behind your words. Through her innate intuition she is able to help her clients uncover their unlimited potential and inner purpose.

Through heart-based work and the body, mind and soul connection, along with her powerful use of strategies, she’ll help you discover your truth, authenticity and lasting joy.



 Then…+ Now.

 “Giving birth to not one, but two sets of twin boys was the most life changing transition I've ever experienced. Try to picture the look on my face when my OBGYN said, "Marilyn, I have great news!" (as he views the screen of the ultrasound machine) You're not having triplets!" You can only imagine my reaction as my two-year-old twins ran about the office.

My emotions ranged from utter fear, shock, worry...and finally excitement. Now 21 and 24, they are four beautiful young men whom I completely adore. Clearly life wasn't always easy. When they were three and five years old, my husband left and soon after, we divorced.

My heart ached for my children as I wondered with worry, "Could I handle this?" Well, I stepped into full power, service mode and didn't stop until I eventually ran out of fuel.

I was exhausted and completely disconnected from the joy that once resonated within me. I realized change was needed. I left my job that was sucking every ounce of spirit from me, and started on the journey to take care of and re-discover me.

Now in my 50's, I can truly say, I have not only survived, I have arrived…and so can YOU!” 



Marilyn Rose is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and attended one of the top 3 training schools, iPEC (institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 

In addition to her coaching practice, Marilyn is also an Assistant Training Coach at iPEC, where she helps steward the next generation of coaches.


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