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Take part in my powerful Group Coaching Program, MIDLIFE MASTERY!

Midlife Mastery is a small coaching group designed exclusively for women navigating midlife who are looking to create a clear vision for their future.  

Life is a gift and it’s your right and duty to live it to the fullest!

You may be overwhelmed, emotionally drained or you may be uncertain about your next phase in life. You want a supportive coach and group to help unleash your potential, hold you accountable and create an action plan for the future. 

Mid-Life Mastery is about distinguishing between who you’ve become based on the many roles you have played, expectations of others + the world to who you REALLY are and want to be. It's now time to redefine and create this next chapter in life.

We're just getting started and the best is yet to come!


Your Coach & Facilitator

I am certainly no stranger to midlife or the significant transitions that accompany this stage of life. Divorce, Single Parenting, Midlife Career change, the Empty Nest are just a few of the major life experiences that not only flipped my world, but also ignited my passion to re-connect to who I really am while creating and living the life I am destined to live! I'm excited to begin this journey with you as we inspire each other to do the same.

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The Mid-Life Mastery Group Coaching Program is the Perfect Fit for you if:

  • You desire to connect to other women, like yourself experiencing similar transitions in life

  • You feel stuck, in your "comfort zone" and settling in the "land of good enough"

  • You want more energy and inspiration in your life

  • You know what you want, but feel lost in creating and implementing the steps to get there

  • You've lost connection with your self

  • You desire clarity and vision for your future

  • You want to live a healthier and more balanced life

  • You want to unleash your truest self and potential

  • You want to create this next chapter of life instead of it creating you!



If you are ready to gain crystal clear clarity on where you are today and where you want to be while starting the steps to get there, express your interest today!

Dates: October 7th - December 9th 2019
Time: 8:00 - 9:30 pm EST
Location: Zoom Video (Group Filled & in Progress)

Next Midlife Mastery Group Begins
January 7th, 2020
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  • Space is limited in order to personalize your experience and enhance your growth

  • Each participant will receive the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and learn about the
    7 Levels of Midlife Mastery that will revolutionize your life!

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Midlife Mastery Testimonials

“Marilyn is a phenomenal coach and facilitator and provided an incredibly safe space for us all to share and grow. It was inspirational and motivating to be part of a group of like-minded people who were excited about the next phase of their lives. Have a weekly group to connect with and share ideas was something I’ve been wanting for a while now. And because it was small and intimate, I was able to brainstorm and get feedback about some of my next steps which proved invaluable.”

Asha Mevlana
New York

“When Midlife Mastery began, I was feeling a bit isolated and was in a place of transition in my life…empty nest, menopause, work/life changes to name a few. I was looking to connect with others in an effort to decrease isolation and gain insight on this stage of life. Belonging to Midlife Mastery gave me the opportunity to both share and listen to life transition stories hence feeling less alone. I would highly recommend this coaching group to women experiencing similar circumstances and feeling. Practically speaking…it gave me an opportunity to rework with others around the country in the privacy of my own home and it game me more exposure to Marilyn whom I adore and trust as a coaching. We shared in a confidential setting, learned about strategies and various midlife stages and the “Energy Leadership” styles which we can address in the future…about which I am highly interested.”

Dana Guerrero
Psychotherapist/Yoga Instructor
New Jersey

“Before joining Midlife Mastery, I was experiencing life transitions such as moving to a new city. I wanted guidance and comradery and was looking for the opportunity to be honest, vulnerable and curious and looked forward to how that would unfold. With the right facilitator, we were able to see the similarity of our challenges, strengths and goals. I felt seen, supported, encouraged and also challenged. The weekly groups were a safe space to be real, to share honestly and to have role modeling for strength and vulnerability. I think it is very challenging to hold space in general, but to do it online really takes energy with a depth and breadth which goes beyond simple facilitation. Marilyn has this, and all of us in the group benefitted from her gifts and talents. If you’re looking for a place to relax, feel comfortable, be safe, while at the same time, be encouraged to look deep, reach further, and blossom bigger and more beautifully, Midlife Mastery is the place.”

Devorah Medwin
New York

“Marilyn’s Midlife Mastery group was extremely worthwhile! She is kind and open and offers a great and safe open space. She gently facilitated us. As the other participants and I talked, listened, learned, discovered, we gently found realizations that helped us on our own inner work and journeys. It was great. I highly recommend this group!”

Jennifer Turner
Life Coach